Landlords vs. Tenants in Chula Vista – Who is Financially Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs?

We’re talking today about the costs of maintaining and repairing a rental property, and which of those costs belong to the tenant and which belong to the homeowner, or the landlord.

Major Systems

Homeowners are generally responsible for keeping the property habitable and its systems up and running while it’s being rented. This means ensuring there is heat and making sure that if there is air conditioning, it works. As a homeowner you’ll also be responsible for the appliances, such as making sure the stove works and the water heater is functioning. Those major systems are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Military Relocation from Chula Vista? Talk to A Property Manager about Renting Your Home

As property managers, we work with a diverse group of people – not only real estate investors. Often, we work with people who have to move out of the area, but they don’t want to sell their homes. Many times, those owners are members of the military and they’re being deployed or PCS’ing. In order to keep their homes, they look for renters to occupy the property during the time that they are gone. We love to help with that type of situation.

What are Property Owners Saying About Casey Ralston and Noble Real Estate?

Casey knows real estate, and treats my property as though it were his own. He is quick to advertise it when it's vacant and has taught me a thing or two about deposits and contracts to protect me, as the owner.  I managed it myself for a few years but having a property manager to show it, advertise it and deal with calls and issues as they arise is great. They pay me before the 1st of the month, great peace of mind! I wouldn't hesitate recommending Casey to anyone needing assistance in managing their property.

Susie M – Imperial Beach CA